M&A Screening, M&A Execution and post-merger integration

SDI Service Offering

M&A is crucial to rapidly scale businesses, conquer new markets, gain access to new technologies and rapidly grow shareholder value

Yet, many M&A transactions fail to realize synergies and benefits. Key M&A capabilities are crucial to minimize transaction risks and maximize return on investment

SDI supports its clients along all critical steps of the M&A process:

  • Market analysis and M&A strategy definition
  • Target identification and contacting
  • Effective due diligence support, incl. commercial, market, financial, and business due diligence
  • Creative structuring and pragmatic transaction support
  • Lasting post-merger integrations that realize / over-achieve synergy and performance improvement targets
support across the entire M&A prozess

At SDI, we support our clients across the entire M&A process ensuring success along all steps of the transaction lifecycle and beyond

SDI Approach

Our SDI team has supported our clients on over 100 M&A transactions from acquisition strategy defintiion to pragmatic post-merger integration. We collaborate closely and pragmatically with our clients to maximize their value from M&A differentiateing ourselves via:

  • Systematic acquisition screenings leading to consistent identification of attractive M&A candidates
  • Proven due diligence approaches and analyses enabling us to rapidly gain deep insights
  • Effective, pragmatic transaction support to close deals
  • Flawless project management and execution of post-merger integrations (incl. required carve-outs) to establish new integrated organizations, processes, and systems and to exceed synergy target

Project References

Our Capabilities -  M&A and post-merger integration

SDI Industries Energy

Energy & Utilities

Successful planning and financial modeling of major LNG export terminal

Due Diligence of a Supercritical CO2 Generation Technology Firm

Screening of top acquisition targets for Natural Gas Plant

SDI Industries Chemicals


Successful post-merger integration in the chemicals sector

Complex and time-sensitive chemical PMI carve-out study

M&A screening for a pipeline services company

SDI Industries Pharmaceuticals


Mid-sized pharmaceuticals company acquisition screen

Small pharma IP licensing and acquisition support

Commercial due diligence of a mid-sized pharmaceutical company

Case Study Automotive


Significant cost savings through post-merger integration of automotive supplier

Automotive supplier market and acquisition screen

Commercial due diligence of a Tier 2 automotive supplier

Case Study Consumer Goods and Retail

Consumer goods & Retail

Commercial due diligence of a mid-sized chocolate manufacturer

Commercial due diligence of a local retail outlet chain

Business segment and acquisition screen for enzyme producer

Case Study Financial Services

Financial Services

M&A screening for a pipeline services company

Post-merger integration support for a German boutique private bank

Commercial due diligence of a financial services firm

M&A screening in banking industry

Case Study Telecommunications


Acquisition screening of Central European Telco firms for a PE firm

Commercial & business due diligence of a small Telco provider

Post-merger integration support and deal value realization following a large telco acquisition