M&A Screening, M&A Execution and Post-Merger Integration
Case Study Pharmaceuticals

Case Study

Small pharma IP licensing and acquisition support

SDI supported an innovative pharmaceutical startup to establish a unified approach to IP licensing and acquisition to increase market penetration and gain full advantage of its newly developed technology

Client situation

A small, yet rapidly growing pharmaceutical startup developed an innovative technology in the smart pills sector and required review of most suitable strategies to monetize their new product through targeted collaboration strategy with pill manufacturers

Project approach

SDI developed a bespoke intellectual property monetization framework and developed an action plan for several pill manufacturer types, as well as major monetization strategies (e.g. in-/out-licensing, joint ventures, etc.


SDI framework succeeded in streamlining client’s decision-making regarding IP monetization, enabling the creation of a scalable platform for seamless addition of new collaboration partners and rapid product launching

Case Study Pharmaceuticals

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