Industry challenges

The telecommunications industry has always been characterized by disruptive technologies regularly challenging incumbents' business models:

  • Smartphones, digitization and the Internet of Things have changed the face of the industry
  • While usage numbers of mobile devices are skyrocketing, users increasingly use apps and OTT service offerings rather than traditional texts, calls and roaming
  • The current industry transformation presents a plethora of new business opportunities for traditional players and new entrants alike
  • Extensive investments into the network infrastructure, strategic reorientation towards newfound competitive edges and targeted M&A strategies emerge as potential future growth trajectories in the telecommunications sector
innovative commercial strategies for telecommunications

The telecommunications industry has always been characterized by disruptive technologies regularly challenging incumbents' business models – We can help your company develop innovative commercial strategies in this turbulent period

Our Expertise

SDI employs a clear, forward-looking approach to problem-solving to arrive at innovative solutions for the international telecom sector and help our clients succeed in these challenging market conditions.

  • We have advised major international telecom providers in strategy, cost, M&A and sales projects and developed a proven analytic toolkit to collaboratively solve our customers' most pressing challenges
  • Our tried and tested cross-functional benchmarking best practices have helped our clients in the telecommunications sector create value in a rapidly transforming industry
  • Leveraging disruption while simplifying and sharpening our clients' products and service offering is a challenge that we have successfully mastered multiple times in close collaboration with our clients

Project References

Industry expertise - Telecommunications

SDI Capabilities Strategy design and implementation

Strategy Design & Implementation, Digital Strategies

Innovation Management in New Product Development for a telecom provider

Strategic pricing for telecom provider

SDI Capabilities cost reduction and process strategy

Cost Reduction, Process & IT Systems Optimization

Indirect Channel Effectiveness Optimization for a Telecom provider

Operational baselining and cost standards approach for international telecom firm

Sourcing Cost Optimization for a telecom provider

SDI Capabilities M&A and Post-merger Integration

M&A Screening, M&A Execution and Post-Merger Integration

Acquisition screening of Central European Telco firms for a PE firm

Commercial & business due diligence of a small Telco provider

Post-merger integration support and deal value realization following a large telco acquisition

SDI Capabilities Consumer Analytics, Marketing and Sales Excellence

Customer Analytics, Marketing & Sales Excellence

Customer segmentation for a telecom provider for offshore oil rigs

Definition and implementation of a global CRM / KAM solution

Strategic Customer Workshops for a telecom provider

Selected Publications

Industry expertise - Telecommunications

September 2017

Telecommunications Trend Report

SDI conducts annual trend studies that shape the 'Telecommunications'  industry. Please request your copy via link below.