Energy Services

Industry challenges

Energy services management has become a clear growth path for established companies and new entrants alike:

  • As customer preferences become increasingly sophisticated, retailers explore opportunities to provide new types of value-added energy services.
  • New energy services constitute a strategic dilemma as they often disrupt traditional commodity-based revenue streams.
  • Yet, energy services also represent an opportunity to engage existing customers, win new ones and diversify their product and service offerings
  • Increasingly, M&A transactions in the energy sector focus on value-added services and technology, which reemphasizes the growing importance of the energy services sector.

Energy services management has become a clear growth path for established companies and new entrants alike. Our dynamic team of experienced consultants will implement new business models hand in hand with our clients

Our Expertise

SDI employs a clear, forward-looking approach to problem-solving to arrive at innovative solutions and help our clients succeed in these challenging market conditions.

SDI has stayed at the forefront of innovation in the energy services market:

  • We have successfully advised top international energy retailers on how to diversify their product offerings, e.g. leveraging value added products/services and commodity-based product bundles, to capture new value streams and ensure customer retention
  • We have facilitated multiple M&A transactions in the international energy services market across the commercial, industrial and residential customer segments
  • We have co-designed some of the leading innovative distributed generation business models, including virtual power plants and integration of energy storage solutions
  • Our young and dynamic team of consultants boasts extensive academic and professional experience investigating disruptive technologies in the energy sector

Project References

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