Cost reduction, Process & IT Systems Optimization

SDI Service Offering

Managing costs extremely well is crucial to maintaining profitability and staying competitive. Identifying the right areas for cost reduction and resources (re)allocation is a vital source of sustainable competitive advantage.

SDI offers a variety of services in cost reduction and process optimization:

  • Cost and process benchmarking
  • Strategic sourcing and procurement spend reduction
  • Process re-design and IT systems optimization
  • Restructuring and capital optimization
  • Performance management and KPIs
competitive organizations, processes and cost structures

We closely collaborate with our clients to design and implement highly competitive organizations, processes, and cost structures

SDI Approach

SDI consultants have long-standing experience in cost reduction and process optimization across multiple industries

To ensure full client satisfaction and identify concrete opportunities, we:

  • Use proven cost reduction methods by decidedly analyzing and comparing cost and quality performance, identifying and leveraging best practices within the client industry and beyond
  • Analyze and define areas of significant cost reduction potentials in close collaboration with our clients ensuring their sustainable implementation#
  • Systematically track progress and cost reduction success through detailed business cases and proven project management tools

Project References

Our Capabilities - Cost reduction & Optimization

SDI Industries Energy

Energy & Utilities

Operational baselining and cost standards development across energy trading organization

Detailed process mapping of an energy trading firm for successful ETRM implementation

Achieving operational excellence in energy retail

SDI Industries Chemicals


Specialty chemical cost-to-serve model development

Operational baselining and cost standards development for a specialty chemicals firm

Sourcing cost reduction for a chemical firm

SDI Industries Pharmaceuticals


Performance benchmarking and scorecard for a medical device company

Country-specific improvements for a medical device company

Case Study Automotive


Rapid business restructuring of globally leading automotive supplier on the brink of bankruptcy

Automotive cost savings and PMO

Case Study Consumer Goods and Retail

Consumer goods & Retail

Food producer manufacturing site expansion scenario development

Financial modeling and optimization of food manufacturing cost base

Crafting a High Performance Team for a FMCG country organization

Procurement organization redesign for a leading global retailer

Case Study Financial Services

Financial Services

Operational baselining and cost standards development in financial services

Process mapping of a financial trading department for IT system implementation

Sourcing cost optimization for a leading insurance company

Case Study Telecommunications


Indirect Channel Effectiveness Optimization for a Telecom provider

Operational baselining and cost standards approach for international telecom firm

Sourcing Cost Optimization for a telecom provider