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Case Study Automotive

Case Study

Rapid business restructuring of globally leading automotive supplier on the brink of bankruptcy

SDI supported a leading automotive supplier to achieve a rapid turnaround and successful restructuring of the business ensuring return to healthy profit margins and regeneration of the stock price

Client situation

Globally leading manufacturer of machinery for automobile production client was on the edge of bankruptcy, which led to liquidity crisis coupled with highly limited credit lines – banks demanded immediate restructuring

Project approach

SDI led union negotiations to release 30-40% of labor FTE count (incl. difficult countries, such as France), identified loss drivers at past projects, and implemented a project valuation & selection tool based on 5-year project data


SDI’s restructuring help provided immediate impact on company’s liquidity, enabled return to profitability, and ensured long-term growthstock price increased by 150% over the 24-month period following the project

Case Study Automotive

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