Industry challenges

The global pharmaceutical industry faces multiple complex challenges including:

  • Pharmaceutical firms are faced with the constant need to innovate
  • Significant and increasing cost pressure from providers and payers
  • Operating in a continuously globalized pharmaceuticals market requires solutions tailored to regional healthcare requirements and a high intercultural understanding
  • The pharmaceuticals industry continues to face long new product development cycles and the associated risks command some of the most favorable industry margins
  • Disruptive new technologies, stronger consumer focus, and digitization are constantly creating new opportunities for pharmaceutical companies in a more value-facing healthcare sector
Cost pressure and innovation challenges for the pharmaceuticals

Cost pressures and innovation challenges are two of the main obstacles in the pharmaceuticals industry that we at SDI Management Consulting can help you overcome thanks to our team of entrepreneurial-minded consultants

Our Expertise

Together with our clients, we develop highly individualized solutions to optimally explore pharmaceutical market opportunities stemming from disruptive new technologies, stronger consumer-focus and digitization:

  • In the increasingly competitive pharmaceuticals industry, we have helped our clients streamline their businesses by benchmarking costs and performance across different geographies, functions and brands to identify areas for strategy re-definition and value creation for our customers
  • We at SDI Management Consulting are well versed in identifying strategic growth opportunities in the pharma industry thanks to our decade-long experience in designing market entry strategies and advising our clients throughout the entire M&A cycle
  • In order to create lasting competitive edge, we also collaborate with our clients to co-design effective innovation, licensing, and digitization strategies

Project References

Industry expertise - Pharmaceutical

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Selected Publications

Industry expertise - Pharmaceutical

December 2017

Pharmaceuticals Trend Report

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