Financial Services

Industry challenges

The global financial services industry faces multiple complex challenges. For example:

  • The digital age has changed the way we manage our money: Digital products and services, managed through our mobile devices, the cloud and social media, have become the norm
  • Innovations from the FinTech sector challenge traditional business models: The emergence of these new players brings about a range of regulatory compliance challenges and puts a premium on IT performance
  • Financial service providers' IT infrastructure has become a source for value creation and needs to be decentralized, smart and secure in order to handle the ever-increasing amount of valuable customer data
  • The global marketplace is currently being redefined with financial centers in emerging markets gaining in popularity while Europe is still coming to terms with the repercussions of Brexit
FinTech, Big Data and mobile banking are transforming the financial services

The digital age has changed the way we manage our money: FinTech, Big Data and mobile banking are transforming customer preferences while the global financial marketplace is currently being reconfigured

Our Expertise

Our international team of consultants has been creating value for financial services providers around the globe with the clear objective to provide customized solutions:

  • Our rigorous approach to cost management has impressed our clients in the wholesale & retail banking and (re-)insurance sector with whom we have co-designed cost optimization strategies, developed risk assessment frameworks and implemented organization-wide cost standards
  • As an integrated strategy consultancy we support our clients across the entire financial services sector with exclusive insights , e.g. on how to leverage customer analytics, segmentation to best target their customers, e.g. UHNWI & HNWI in private banking
  • Our dynamic and entrepreneurial team has collected valuable experience in the startup world allowing us to integrate valuable lessons from the FinTech sector to digitize and future proof our wholesale & retail banking and (re-)insurance clients

Project References

Industry expertise - Financial Services

SDI Capabilities Strategy design and implementation

Strategy Design & Implementation, Digital Strategies

Strategy development for a global reinsurer

UHNWI growth strategy development for private wealth management firm

New country entry strategy for an integrated financial services firm

SDI Capabilities cost reduction and process strategy

Cost Reduction, Process & IT Systems Optimization

Operational baselining and cost standards development in financial services

Process mapping of a financial trading department for IT system implementation

Sourcing cost optimization for a leading insurance company

SDI Capabilities M&A and Post-merger Integration

M&A Screening, M&A Execution and Post-Merger Integration

M&A screening for a pipeline services company

Post-merger integration support for a German boutique private bank

Commercial due diligence of a financial services firm

M&A screening in banking industry

SDI Capabilities Consumer Analytics, Marketing and Sales Excellence

Customer Analytics, Marketing & Sales Excellence

Customer segmentation and analytics for private wealth management

Retail banking customer needs assessment and strategy

Selected Publications

Industry expertise - Financial Services

October 2017

Financial Services Trend Report

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