Excellent #Atlantikbruecke Annual General Meeting (A-B AGM), Panel Discussion, and Summer Party in Berlin!
Chairman of Atlantik-Brücke and former Vice-Chancellor of Germany Sigmar Gabriel led through the A-B AGM together with Managing Director Julia Friedlander and Vice Chairmen Norbert Röttgen and Michael Hüther. During the following panel discussion designated Finnish Representative at NATO Piritta Asunmaa, Lieutenant General & German Airforce Inspector Ingo Gerhartz, Brookings Institution Senior Fellow Fiona Hill, and German Bundestag Member and Ambassador-designate in Moskau Alexander Graf Lambsdorff shared insightful perspectives on: "Go East – What to Expect from the NATO Summit in Vilnius". At the ensuing Summer Party, I discussed  #energysecurity, #energytransition, and #renewableenergy aspects with select Atlantik-Brücke Members including President of the German Economic Council Astrid Hamker and Dräger Board Member Rainer Klug.