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Atlantik-Brücke Energy Discussion Interview with Emre_Gencer

Atlantik-Brücke Energy Discussion: Insightful interview with Emre Gençer PhD at MIT

Key SDI perspectives on the WEF 2019 in Davos: Supporting our clients in many industries

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CERAWeek 2024 in Houston

Outstanding insights from Munich Security Conference 2024

Davos 2024 wrap-up - Global leaders and SDI clients on the same page

WEF'24 Continued: Insightful perspectives from Blackstone CEO and others

Kicking off #WEF24 in Davos with excellent conversations!

Insightful perspectives by Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr at Atlantik-Brücke event in Munich

#COP28 Dubai recap

#COP28 Dubai – Advancing and accelerating global decarbonization

First works in the surroundings of the new Volkswagen PowerCo battery factory in Valencia

Insightful perspectives at #Atlantikbruecke Event at #iaa23 in Munich

Excellent Atlantikbruecke Annual General Meeting (A-B AGM) and Panel Discussion in Berlin

#Ceraweek 2023 in Houston recap

WEF’23 – Day 3: Gaining key insights and meeting leading CEOs in Davos

WEF’23 Davos – Day 2: Renewable energy, energy transition, and energy security

Insightful WEF'23 perspectives from Blackrock's Chairman & CEO Larry Fink & others

Current European energy crisis and the way out for Germany and Europe

Energy supply security and building an ESG oriented business at the Qatar Economic Forum

Insightful perspectives of US Ambassador to Germany at the Atlantik-Brücke summer event

Excellent German American Conference by ACG & Atlantik-Brücke in Berlin

WEF'22 Day 2&3: Excellent SDGs discussion to help SDI drive sustainability projects

Insightful WEF Davos perspectives from Microsoft’s President Brad Smith and other top Exec

Outstanding perspectives on the Future of the West and the Atlantic Alliance

Insightful perspectives on Germany’s election at the Atlantik-Brücke summer event

Atlantik-Brücke Energy Discussion Strategi Perspectives on Hydrogen

Dirk Nowak: Hydrogen plays a pivotal role in the energy transition's long-term success

SDI at Atlantik-Brücke Energy Discussion 2020

Excellent Atlantik-Brücke Energy Discussion in Berlin addressing the potential of hydrogen

Industry analog assessments for strategic expansion of service offerings

How can you apply lessons from other industries to your top business challenges?

SDI Flare Gas Mitigation

Greening upstream oil production – SDI continues to work with leading oil & gas firms

Atlantik-Brücke Dinner Discussion at Munich Security Conference

Excellent Atlantik-Brücke dinner discussion at Munich Security Conference (MSC)

WEF World Economic Forum Hong Kong Dinner 2020

50th Anniversary of the WEF in 2020 – Reflecting on great meetings and new perspectives

WEF World Economic Forum 2020 CEO Discussions

WEF 2020 – Day 3: Gaining key insights and meeting leading CEOs in Davos

WEF Word Economic Forum 2020 Circular and Sustainability

WEF 2020 – Day 2: Sustainability, renewable energy, and circular economy

WEF 2020 – Day 1: Data Analytics, AI, ML & IoT require ensuring “Trust in the Digital Age"

IoT Strategy Definition and Implementation

IoT strategy definition and implementation plan - goals, project framework, and execution


The German American conference in Berlin provided exceptional perspectives and insights

2018 Natural Gas Retailer Key Challenges

SDI has recently concluded its assessment of key challenges for U.S. natural gas suppliers

EMC Energy Marketing Conference NY 2018

After SDI’s participation at EMC in NY 2018 we were pleased to be reinvited for Houston

CERAWeek Houston 2019

Managing Partner Dirk Nowak is participating in top energy executive conference CERAWeek

Atlantik-Brücke Event at the Munich Security Conference 2019

Our impressions from the Atlantik-Brücke Event at the Munich Security Conference 2019

WEF World Economic Forum 2019

WEF 2019 in Davos: Sustainability is a key topic this year in line with our long-held view

RE100 Overview

Achieving sustainability and environmental targets and for many a compelling business case

A leading global company merges with a large U.S. firm to strengthen its global leadership

C&I Electricity Consumption

SDI reviewed major commercial and industrial consumption trends affecting energy retailers

Atlantik-Brücke Delegation visits German Ambassador in Washington

Excellent briefing over breakfast by German Ambassador Peter Wittig at the German embassy

Big Data via Real-TIme Power Contracts

Energy retailers seek to achieve better contracting by capturing value from Big Data

Smart Home Outlook

Commercialization of Smart Home solutions are attractive opportunities to energy retailers

WEF - World Economic Forum 2017 in Davos

WEF 2017 in Davos: Gaining deep energy insights at the CNBC Debate on Future of Energy

10 2016 WECC Interchange Dynamics_new

CAISO experiences an over-generation problem – EIM is initiated to resolve this issue

SEUS New-build Activity

Southeastern United States new-build activity expectations and CPP compliance preference

SPP New-build Activity

Coal exposure and large amounts of wind generation are set to drive need for natural gas

MISO New-build Activity

New-build activity are expected around CCGTs … however, challenging NG dynamics remain

Charles W. Dent and Dirk Nowak

Atlanitk-Brücke: Lunch Discussion in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington DC

Natural Gas Infrastructure Trends

Regional accessibility and export capacity driven infrastructure investments may slow

wholesale power and gas markets

Changes in the energy supply and usage directly affect the wholesale power and gas markets