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Case Study Chemicals

Case Study

Market segment strategy definition and implementation for a global chemical company

The SDI project focused on identifying and capturing high-value key accounts in the chemical industry directly and via indirect channel partners significantly increase client’s overall profitability

Client situation

Client looked for a more effective customer segmentation strategies in order to capture higher-value retail customers as well as to better understand the exact cost-to-serve on a by customer basis and increase overall profitability

Project approach

SDI thoroughly conducted a needs-based customer segmentation and analyzed gaps covering the majority of attractive segments in order to lay out a foundation for the TO-BE design of the outbound sales processes for both direct and indirect customers


SDI successfully identified a large number of attractive segments to focus on as well as the least attractive sector for deprioritization. Furthermore, SDI provided clear recommendations on the redesign of sales process within the organization

Case Study Chemicals

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