Career levels

Summer Associate

  • Research support for the project teams
  • Development of ideas and approaches to solving problems
  • Co-development and leading of interviews with important market participants
  • Independent work on specific tasks for individual project modules



  • Independent execution of sub-areas within a project
  • Market and business modeling
  • Conduction of customer interviews
  • Development of concepts and solutions
  • First leadership responsibility


Senior Consultant

  • Moderation of client workshops
  • Responsibility for project modules/ total projects
  • Structuring the work for other team members
  • Substantive overall responsibility


Senior Engagement Officer

  • Possesses a broad range of consulting skills
  • Shows leadership in front of the client and manages SDI teams
  • Has an overview of several projects at the same time
  • Ensures ideal distribution of resources to provide the client with the best possible results
  • Bears responsibility for the diligent and efficient project execution


Associate Partner

  • Responsibility for large or multiple smaller projects simultaneously
  • Systematic involvement in the acquisition of new projects
  • Adoption of internal management functions
  • Customer contact responsible in interaction with the partner



  • Overall responsibility for projects and client relationships
  • Development of new business
  • Responsibility for practice groups at national and international level
  • Customer contact responsible