Working at SDI

All consultants at SDI share a passion for entrepreneurial thinking and action. Each project team is composed of outstanding consultants with a strong personality, deep industry and consulting experience and a excellent educational backgrounds. However, since each team is only as strong as its ability to work together effectively, teamwork is a key hiring criterion at SDI. The intensive and often extensive cooperation as a team often requires perseverance and strong will to bring projects to successful completion. Only an optimally functioning team can achieve excellent project results for our customers.

A career at SDI is characterized by varied work with flat hierarchies. We encourage every employee to get actively involved and to contribute own ideas on how to solve clients’ problems. Each individual has the opportunity to discuss his ideas with a senior manager and can expect an excellent coaching experience that really makes a difference. Outstanding performance gets rewarded and each individual consultant with SDI can quickly assume responsibility and boost his personal and professional development faster than anywhere else.

Working hard doesn’t mean that we don’t have fun. In fact fun is an integral and important part of our corporate culture. Dinners, regular physical activities, team events, soccer games or any other cultural events are as essential to working closely together and are a great balance to the demanding consulting work. The personal relation and friendship between our consultants enables us to solve even difficult projects successfully, in which we thrive as a team and surprise our customers with the high quality of our analyses.