The chemical industry has had to go through partial reorientation due to the financial crisis and the resulting weakened demand. Business processes and new marketing approaches have been implemented to stimulate sales growth.  Due to volatile commodity prices and substantial investment costs, the chemical industry is exposed to very long business cycles.  It is therefore important to define new strategic approaches for our clients, which make best use of their performance and allow for successful operations despite difficult market conditions.

We employ an innovative and effective approach utilizing the client’s own skill sets to sustainably strengthen their performance and create clear competitive advantages.  A recent project to define the global requirements and the subsequent implementation of a CRM system shows how quickly and flexibly, the experienced SDI team can generate and realize maximum value for our clients.

Growth strategies, both organic and through acquisitions, transition strategies, optimization of organizational structures processes and cost structures – our SDI consultant teams are glad to support.  In particular, we are happy to serve you with difficult, time-critical and complex projects.

For inquiries and further information, don’t hesitate to send us an email or contact Dirk Nowak, our Managing Partner directly.