The pharmaceuticals industry continues to  face long new product development cycles and the associated risks command some of the most favorable industry margins.  The constant pressure to innovate, federal regulations, and the increasing pressure of rising costs in the health services increasingly limits the leeway of firms in this sector.  We support our clients with innovative, well thought through approaches to overcome obstacles and gain clear competitive advantages to achieve market leadership.  In an international study for example we supported a leading pharmaceutical organization defining international key-performance indicators (KPIs) as well as identifying country specific and overall potential for achieving profitable growth.

There are serious differences in the health market depending on the region of the world. The population of the prosperous Western world is continuously getting older and requiring increasing amounts of medical care.  At the same time countries considered to be emerging economies and Third World countries, which have seen enormous population increases, are confronted with completely different, sometime close to epidemic level, health problems. The differences of these regions play a major role in organizational positioning and the development of a local strategy for the respective regions.  Next to intercultural aspects, sales and pricing strategies as well as M&A activities must be adjusted to fit the regional aspects of the respective country.  Here too, we bring a variety of relevant project experience, with a significant value add for customers.

We at SDI Management Consulting are well versed in addressing essential problems seen within the pharmaceutical industry.  With our internationally experienced, entrepreneurial-minded consultants, we are able to successfully tackle even the most difficult projects together with our customers.  Our areas of expertise in the pharmaceutical industry include marketing and sales, innovations, M&As and cost reduction programs.

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