The energy industry is the backbone of all producing industries and therefore an essential economic component for many organizations. SDI has established a position in this industry very early and we presently advise some of the world’s largest energy companies.

Even if many of the large energy companies have favorably positioned themselves in the deregulating markets and have recently improved their cost structures, there is still significant head room for qualitative improvements to meet the changing needs of today’s energy consumers.  The energy sector is in a steady state of redefinition and customer requirements are shifting.  Therefore, it is crucial for energy companies to recognize which product and service offerings fit with which customer segment.

Effective product management is crucial to retain customer and drive further growth. For example an optimization of a client’s retail business shows that through an effective combination of customer segmentation, “activity-based cost” modeling and the development of a “go-to-market” strategy creates the exact effect that positively impacts the margin driven energy business.  Our consulting approach is in its own way unique among the consulting industry.  Our clients are quickly able to gain deep insights followed by pragmatic implementations.  The result is mostly rapid and profitable growth.

The ongoing M&A-trend in the energy sector plays an important role in the development of competence fields, market segments and completely new markets like demand-management and energy services.  Since the mid 90’s we have completed a wide variety of projects focused on creating optimum synergies between merging organizations, which have resulted in a concrete value additions.  As a recently completed post merger integration involving 1,000 employees across five locations has shown, effective project management, deep content competence and the ability to reach pragmatic solutions, especially when working in close collaboration with supervisory boards and impacted interest groups, are critical for the maximum success of integration.

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