Strategic sourcing, cost reductions, and process optimizations

Ensuring increasingly lean cost structures, highly efficient processes and effective strategic sourcing are key requirements for a company to remain successful in today’s highly competitive markets.  Hardly any client can simultaneously manage all aspects of these disciplines and optimize at the same time.

The clear overall perspective of a company’s cost structure is a fundamental component for successful business management. With growth and increasing complexity of business processes, the clear overall perspective often diminishes, impeding identification  of cost reduction opportunities and capturing resulting profit improvements.

This is where our approach, which has been optimized over many years, comes in handy: We have developed a method of reducing costs by decidedly analyzing specific areas of a company and comparing them to best practice approaches to specifically determine the concrete savings potentials .  In addition, we have a detailed, structured approach to strategic sourcing for the sustainable realization of significant cost reductions and the short and long-term optimization of supplier relationships.

We analyze and define areas of significant cost reduction potentials in close collaboration with our clients and ensure their sustainable implementation.  Systematic tracking of project progress and  cost reduction success through a detailed business case ensures that target results are always achieved.