M&A Services

Rapid corporate growth is often achieved by a successful takeover.  Along with growth, acquiring new skills/ new technologies, entering new markets and establishing economies of scale are just a few reasons for a transaction. A lot of research has proven that there are still many acquisitions, which do not create shareholder value and fail to achieve the desired results. Effective support from experienced consultants often is a critical factor to ensure value creation in an acquisition process. SDI has extensive project experience across the entire M&A value chain.

  • SDI’s systematic approach to acquisition screens leads to a consistent identification of attractive acquisition candidates. SDI differentiates through its close proximity to the market. As part of our acquisition screens we often speak directly to many of the potential targets and many other key market participants and thus receive a much deeper understanding of the attractiveness and availability of the respective firms.
  • Our strategy, market, and financial due diligences are based on proven, structured analysis processes which allow us to gain strong insights within the rapid time frames of an acquisition process. The depth of our knowledge often surprises clients, banks, and other stakeholders involved in the transaction.
  • Consistent project management of M&A transactions: Our experienced consultants have often accepted responsibility for the implementation of the entire acquisition process, thus ensuring the successful completion of the acquisition.
  • The “real work” starts after the signing: A thorough post-merger integration is key to leveraging the complete potential of the acquisition. Even here, we assume responsibility to some of the most difficult cases, such as a recently completed cold-start reverse-merger integration while successfully avoiding a simultaneously attempted hostile spin-off of an important part of the company.


In all aspects of M&A services, the client can rely on a proven and tested SDI model and very experienced consultants to ensure highly effective project management.