Customer segmentation and sales strategy

Effective customer segmentation is a key requirement for any company, in order to obtain a successful market position and to generate sustainable profits. Over the course of many years, we have developed a detailed 10-step process, which is exceptional because of its proximity to our client’s business and customers. Whereas many top-consulting firms content themselves with a limited number of qualitative surveys, we frequently conduct several hundred 45-minute and longer interviews with the key decision makers of our clients’ customers. The insights gained are enormous and we assist our clients in turning these insights into short- and long-term earnings growth. The resulting clear understanding of customer segments allows our clients to identify which requirements and special needs their customers have across the segments. We enable our clients to base all marketing and sales activities on a thoroughly structured and detailed segmentation.  For example, based on a thorough segmentation, we help our customers optimize their sales and product management strategy. Price, communication, and marketing strategies are then not only based on assumptions and historical data but on our cutting-edge market and customer analyses.

This is how SDI differs significantly from other top-consulting firms:

  • Our customer segmentations are a result of a deep market understanding based on significant, comprehensive interviews with all key market participants incl. brokers and competitors and are therefore, by comparison, much closer to the market.
  • The depth of experience from our questionnaires combines strategy and market analysis expertise. Our statistical analyses and evaluation algorithms are “state of the art.”
  • Our effective cooperation with our customers ensures that both client workshops and quantitative surveys are prepared to meet the exact needs of our customers in a highly effective manner.